Permanent Tattoo Removal

Permanent Tattoo Removal

We use Q switched Nd YAG laser for tattoo removal. Result depend upon the skin type, color of tattoo ,site of tattoo and depth.

How It Works ?

Laser light break the ink particle in very tiny piece and our body’s clearing system gradually remove it from body. So laser only break ink, main work is done by our body.

Bitter Truths

  • Laser will reduce tattoo to great extend but few ghost shadow may leave behind it.
  • Once you have done tattoo it is not possible to bring back 100% normal pre-tattoo skin
  • We give best treatment in best possible way but never give guarantee
  • Black ink give excellent result
  • Colorful ink like green ,blue ,red etc will give unpredictable and poor result
  • If you have keloid tendency or viral infection , we can not do laser
  • You will feel little pain during the procedure but it is very less pain compare to pain of tattoo piercing